Josh's Homepage

This wepage is for my computer science 1 class.
I'm learning C#. C# is for making Windows apps.
I'm not great at programming yet but I'm learning.
I want to become great at coding so I can use it in my major in college.
If you want to download C#, click here

GoodBye Project

September 14th 2018

This project says goodbye in four different languages, including English.

Help Page

September 20th 2018

This project is a help page for my made up business, called Eye of the Storm Inc.

Mailing Label

September 26th 2018

This project puts the customer's information into a mailing label.

Car Rental

October 5th 2018

This project allows the customer to choose between 3 different cars, each with different costs.


October 8th 2018

This project inputs someone's weight and height, and outputs their body mass index.

Car Rental 2

October 15th 2018

This project makes a car rental page where you choose a car and it calculates how many miles you drove and how much you have to pay. You can also choose add ons like leather seating and a bose sound system.

Test Scores

October 17th 2018

This project can take 2 test scores and find the letter grades of them. It should also find the better score and the average of the 2 scores.

Dice Game

October 25th 2018

When you push the roll button, 2 random numbers and corresponding dice pictures should appear. The sums of the numbers should be kept and how many times each sum is rolled.

Craps Game

November 1st 2018

This project calculates random numbers to simulate a game of craps.

Slot Machine

November 6th 2018

This project creates a slot machine that you can make a bet and win if you roll 3 in a row. If you win, you win a jackpot.

T-Shirt Sales

November 29th 2018

This project allows you to choose multiple t-Shirts in 1 order. Different sizes have different prices.

Football Project

Decmeber 13th 2018

This project shows 2 football teams that will play in a bowl, and the history of school's past bowl games appear.

Fish Tank 1

January 16th 2019

This project moves a fish left and right in a tank, and keeps track of how many times it moves. It should also stay in place when it hits the side of the tank.

Fish Tank 2

Febuary 1st 2019

This project moves a fish left, right, up and down in a tank, and keeps track of how many times it moves. There is a shark that chases the fish, and if they are in the same spot, the shark eats the fish.It should also stay in place when it hits the side of the tank.


Febuary 7th 2019

This project outputs a sequence of numbers and their sums, a sequence of numbers that has the total as a factorial, a sequence of even and odd numbers, and a fibonacci sequence.


Febuary 12th 2019

This project simulates a game of tic tac toe with no AI's. X and O can win.

Basic AI Game

March 8th 2019

This project simulates a game where an AI chases a character you are controlling with the arrow keys. The good guy shoots bullets and both people have health.


March 12th 2019

This project has stars moving around you and makes it seem like you are flying through space.

Mini Space Invaders

March 21st 2019

This project simulates a space invaders game with three invaders and spaceship. The invaders progressively move down and the spaceship fires a bullet to kill them.

Final Project - Rush Hour

June 6th 2019

This is my final project. It is a parking lot traffic jam and the goal is to get the red car out by moving other cars. All you need is your mouse to move cars